Hello and welcome! Did you know it is not an accident that you are here? You are here because there is something within you that is desiring more in your life. That something is stronger than anything else within you right now or you wouldn’t be here face to face with a solution for having a Life to Love.

As soon as you place your mind on what you most desire in life and begin to move towards those goals, you can very quickly start to feel tired and distracted. That is expected. Those heavy “this won’t help me, or I’ve tried making changes before & it didn’t work, or I don’t have the money…or time… or…” kinds of thoughts is your mind trying to pull at the helm of your life. It is inner resistance trying to take over, to get you to retreat to your old ways. Yet retreating to old ways of doing your life means more of the same results; More of what you do not want.

To change your life you have to be willing to do what you have never done before.

Stay here. Keep reading. Doing so will begin to move you past the resistance. Moving past resistance is a step you have not yet taken or you’d have what you want already. [READ MORE…]